Scratch Go


This compound is used to remove sand scratches & Dullness from all types of painted surfaces.Scratch Go is a versatile rubbing compound (2K ready)which is aggressive but safe against fine scratches, light to medium oxidation, pesky water spots and coarse swirl marks. The super-fine cut abrasive wears down sharp edges and smoothes out the painted surface. Scratch Go is easy to use by hand or with a machine. Used properly it is safe for all solid, metallic and clear coat finishes.

Interior Cleaner


This is a hard surface cleaner specially formulated for removing stains on Leather seat covers, Dashboards & Door trims etc. The superior foaming action gently lifts away the dirt while the fabric softner enhances the look of vinyl and leather. It is a concentrated powerful multipurpose interior cleaner. Powerful 10 : 1 concentrate penetrates and breaks down grease and oil on automotive interiors such as vinyl, rubber and plastics.



This product is formulated for removing dirt and stains on velvet and cloth made seat covers. Powerful combination of active cleaners, degreasers and release agents formulated to break down dirt and oils in carpets, upholstery and fabrics.

Car Wash


It washes, shines and protects. It gently washes away dirt without scratching and gives your car sparkling look. The Professional strength and perfection for cleaning any washable or painted surface makes this product special. It uses a deep cleaning foaming action to lift dirt and help to restore true colour and appearance. It is effective for cleaning soil and stains from painted surface, vinyl, fabric and floor mats etc.

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