Car Wax


Packing: 20g sachet & 1kg.

A layer of wax is formed that helps to protect the painted surface from scratches & UV rays.This is a surface science at its best. Metaglym Car wax is made of polymers which are composed of tens of thousands of synthetic particles that are cross linked together. It blends into the paint and minimizes minor swirls and scratches and enhances the colour and vitality of the paint providing a warm gloss by creating a thick coating over the painted surface thus protecting the surface from scratches & UV rays.

How to use:

    • - Thoroughly Clean and dry painted surface.
    • - Shake content well before use.
    • - Use a soft cotton cloth.
    • - Apply Metaglym wax to painted surface one panel at a time using even strokes in circular motion.
    • - Allow to dry to haze.
    • - Wipe off using a clean, soft dry cloth.


    • - Do not apply in direct sunlight or in hot conditions.
    • - Keep away from heat & open flame.
    • - Keep out of reach of children.
    • - Do not apply on plastic or rubber parts.
Car Wax



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