For more than 16 years METAGLYM continuous to develop products to protect and restore cars. As a proprietorship company calling Pioneer Polish Industries Metaglym proudly produces innovative products to meet the ever changing need of both polish consumers and the automotive industry.

Metaglym was founded on creating products that will effectively clean, polish and restore the appearance to car. Our professional products achieve that goal by offering a full line of high performance chemicals. Metaglym Sales team & Distributors are trained to provide exceptional service through their extensive product knowledge.

We invest countless hours developing our products by testing hundreds of quality raw materials to make truly effective, easy to use products. We are committed to better ourselves and improve as our customers set us new challenges. Everything we do is to give you the best products to achieve a truly stunning finish.

We ensure ethical business practices with economical pricing policy and timely delivery to our clients. The experience and expertise of our team has helped us to spread ourselves across different parts of country.

Where you can find us:


  • Tel : 0172 - 4622627
  • Email : info@metaglym.com
  • Website : www.metaglym.com

A venture of Pioneer Polish Industries


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