Ride with Pride

Ride confidently in any season with Metaglym. Now is time for the world to see you ruling the road with latest shine technology.

Long Lasting Protection

Let the glamour be on road with metaglym's wax treatment. By offering professional car detailing & paint restoration products Metaglym gives you the finest surface care protection

Brilliant dark is back

Polishes specially made for black, red and blue colour vehicles. We guarantee you instant colour enrichment and make you feel the colour so dark and deep.

Metaglym is offering products to make you confident in any weather conditions.We provide you with premium detailing products. Our car care products are all guaranteed to outshine and outlast any products available in the market. These products are very carefully formulated with special blends of high quality polymers, acrylics and waxes. We constantly re-evaluate and tests of products to ensure that we are offering you the advanced and easy to use safe products.

For more than 16 years METAGLYM continuous to develop products to protect and restore cars. As a proprietorship company calling Pioneer Polish Industries Metaglym proudly produces innovative products to meet the ever changing need of both polish consumers and the automotive industry.

Metaglym was founded on creating products that will effectively clean, polish and restore the appearance to car. Our professional products achieve that goal by offering a full line of high performance chemicals. Metaglym Sales team & Distributors are trained to provide exceptional service through their extensive product knowledge.



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  • Email : info@metaglym.com
  • Website : www.metaglym.com

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